Reader RTW-MFU


RFID Reaader MF Reader&writer RTW

Supports Mifare + EM 13.56 MHz

4 or 8 bit burst output format

ABS or PC housing material

Mifare Reader&Writer 13.56 MHz

สามารถเขียนรหัส card ได้


USB Port

Reader RTW-MFU : Reader RTW-MFKS ID card reader with RFID, LED Two Colors, Interface RS232, USB and U Disk Shape

Specifications / Special Feature

        - MHZ : 125K distance : 200-100 mm. time read < 100 ms.
        - connect : keyboard/serial
        - portsize : 105*80*26
        - Contact less read/write or read only (UID) device
        - Supports Mifare + EM 13.56 MHz frequency
        - Compatibility for most controllers on the marketู
        - Unique multi-format interface
        - Various styles for different application is available as optionู
        - Vandal-resistant for harsh environment
        - 45cm pigtail or plug connector with screw terminalู
        - 4 or 8 bit burst output format
        - Unique disign for easy installation using light switcher base
        - ABS or PC housing material for selection
        - Can be installed on metal surface
        - Authentication key available on request
        - Readers and cards require matching keys to function
        - All RF data transmission between the card and reader is encrypted by using a secure algorithm
        - Key management system reduces risk of compromised data or duplicated cards
        - Security features for Mifare
        - Mutual three pass authentication
        - Hardware DES/3DES date encryption on RF-channel with replay attack protection using 56/112 bit keys                     
         - Authentication on application level
         - Hardware exception sensors


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